SI Advantages

Innovation - At SI innovation isn't simply a buzzword but a strength. When customers choose us they gain access to leading edge chemistry and "out-of-the box" solutions. We continue to produce innovative fundamental chemistry as evidenced from our recent publications and patent applications.

Communication - We strongly believe in the need for effective communication with our clients and take pride in being an active partner in our client's projects. By interacting closely with our clients we ensure project success.   

Experience - Victor Snieckus has extensive experience in consulting to pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies and at all levels of synthetic chemistry scale. All work performed at Snieckus Innovations is carried out by PhD level chemists with years of experience in preparing challenging molecules efficiently and in designing and troubleshooting synthetic pathways.

Rapid and High Quality Solutions - As a result of past and present industrial collaborations, the scientists in the Snieckus laboratories have a proven track record of delivering molecules in high purity and according to schedules set by the collaborating company.

Intellectual Property - All IP rights are retained by our clients.

Competitive Rates - We offer services at highly competitive rates far below those typically charged in North America. For companies with an R&D presence in Canada, Snieckus Innovations may leverage funds through Canada's NSERC Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) matching program to further reduce costs to the client.