Snieckus Innovations is a Canadian synthetic chemistry contract research group headed by Professor Victor Snieckus, a world-renowned synthetic chemist with extensive expertise in aromatic, heteroaromatic and directed metalation chemistry. In addition to conducting fundamental research, we specialize in providing process and method solutions and custom synthesis of high purity small molecules on milligram to gram scale to meet your needs.


SI Customer Commitment

We strive to please customers with the highest quality products and services provided in timely fashion.  Our solutions are delivered through strong communication to ensure success and client satisfaction.

Custom Synthesis

Building Blocks, Intermediates, APIs, Metabolites, Deuterated Compounds, Reference Standards

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Discovery Research

Lead Generation, Lead Optimization, Analogs for SAR Studies, Library Synthesis

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Challenging Molecules

Difficult and Challenging Molecules, Rare Chemicals, Natural Products

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Route Optimization

Route Design, Route Optimization, Process Development

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Process Development

Long-Standing Consulting Experience by Professor Victor Snieckus

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